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I've changed my tune again.

Posted on June 17 2019

Please note the "Season to Date" post shown on the Troutfitter's website shows only the first two paragraph of the report (someone?? must have hit enter, prematurely). The blog format allows me to edit but the edits are not transferred to the Troutfitter web page. The full report can be seen by going directly to "Angler 119"

Don't know if the aforementioned post served as a wakeup call but there were green and brown drakes on the UE at 3:00 and they continued to hatch until at least 7:00 when Ken Tutalo, a guide from Baxter House rowed his boat down a 25 foot wide side channel, hopped out and walked the boat by where I was fishing, sending a cloud of mud over the fish. He then climbed back in the boat, sending a wake across the channel. All fish stopped rising and I departed. Baxter House guides fish the UE a lot and they float it a lower levels than the other guides do. Today the river was at 500 CFS which should be high enough to float the UE if you are careful and courteous. Coming down a narrow side channel is neither.

The bugs: Green and Brown drakes were hatching in the lower third of the UE. Drove upstream above harvard and fished a pool where I saw but a few drakes hatching. Then fished the upper part of the BE in a couple of places late and saw no hatching bugs but a good spinner fall of small rusty spinners, there were a dearth of risers .

The fishing: Rising fish - A. Hooking fish - A. Landing fish - D. Had big fish up feeding and did very well getting them to eat, but man did they ever come unstuck.

After saying in my last post that the big bugs are probably over, I'm hesitant to now say "they've just begun" but at least on the UE that's what it looks like. If you have the time go and see for yourself.


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