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Posted on August 25 2016

After four days of fishing, I've landed a total of six "countable fish" (I don't count the yearlings). It's true I didn't put in my usual number of hours - but still - 6 fish? It's got to be my lowest total ever for four days this time of year. So I'm out of here 'til Monday. Have a dinner scheduled with old friends, a high school reunion and a big yellow birch tree that blew over at home and needs to be cut up.

How'd I do today? Went looking for tricos and strangely didn't find any. Tuesday there were lots with yearlings up. Today I tried spots above and below where I fished Tuesday and saw almost no bugs. There were a few rising fish at the second spot. Hooked four small fish and got refused by three decent fish.

Tonight I got fogged out. It sprinkled between Deposit and Hancock and the high humidity resulted in dense fog over the river. I was wading upstream to where I wanted to fish when I smelled smoke from a pipe. Sure enough there was a guy not a cast away with his partner just upstream. I was locked into a small area and had four risers to fish to. Hooked two, landed one (a nice 17 incher), was refused by one and spent the rest of the night trying to get an arrogant SOB that kept right on rising for the entire hour I cast at him to eat my fly (he never gave it a sniff).

If you are up here for the weekend, good luck. Its very difficult fishing right now. You'll probably catch just as many fish and score more points if you ask your wife "Honey, what do you want to do this weekend?


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