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Posted on September 24 2015

No, the fat lady isn't getting ready to sing.  BUT, there have been far too many hot, dry and sunny days this late summer/ early fall.

Today my heart just wasn't in it.  I've caught fish this week but the places where I can, under these conditions, (see yesterdays report) can be counted on one hand without using the thumb. So I set out on a journey, doomed to failure, to confirm what I already knew.

Drove the length of the  Beaverkill from jaws to Roscoe without seeing one fisherman. Tried three spots out of perversity and was rewarded with one refusal.

Tried three riff/pools on the lower end of the big east to see if the cooler water had enticed any fish up.  Reward, one refusal.

Fished a pool on the big river where there were three fishermen Monday and four Tuesday just to see if they knew something I didn't.  They didn't. My reward?  A third and last refusal.

Going home tomorrow to do, as Terry Clark says in her C/W song, "better things', mow the lawn, cut and split wood, put up tree stands, watch the SU game and take my bride out to dinner.

See you again some overcast, rainy fall day, when the pseudo's are covering the water and the trout "are on 'em".


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