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Posted on September 14 2018

 Driving back from the Neversink yesterday afternoon, I was surprised by my first glimpse of the Beaverkill.  Muddy water was pouring into it from a small trib.  Each successive view showed higher and muddier water.  At East Branch I drove into heavy rain, (there was none on the Neversink).  A check of stream levels this morning shows that all but the WB are unwadable.  The WB came up a bit and is only wadeable in a few areas.

The most recent forecasts now predict that hurricane Florence will wander through northern PA and southern NY sometime early next week.  NYC has continued their unprecedented release of water from both Cannonsville and Pepacton.  It has resulted in both reservoirs having a 8% to10 %  void which will provide a buffer against any flooding from Florence.

As long as the big releases continue, wading will remain difficult.  Each rain storm raises the rivers above comfortable wading levels.  It has been a frustrating year for me and I'm sure for those of you trying to wade fish the Delaware system.  I'm not even sure drift boat fishermen are happy.  I will be heading home today as seven straight weeks of high water have taken their toll on even my desire to fish.

If you are considering fishing the Delaware system, check the water levels where you plan to fish before making the trip.  Also check the Stilesville and Downsville releases.  Until they are cut back to historic levels the fishing opportunities throughout the system will remain extremely limited.


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