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Posted on October 06 2023

After sitting  in a deer stand a couple times swatting  mosquitos, I decided that there were better ways to spend my time. Jean was coming down to get new tires at CL Repair in Equinunk on Wednesday and I was able (with the promise of a dinner out) to get her come down a day early. We spent two delightful days, confusing the GPS, taking in the fall colors in places most people don't know exist, enjoying our cocktail hour while being entertained by the deer in the back yard and yes, a dinner at West Branch Angler where we were one of two couples in the dining room. They would normally be closed but they have three more weddings scheduled.

Jean departed for home this morning and I was left with nothing to do but to go fishing. I know, I know, it's much too warm for Pseudos, but just two weeks ago I had a bang up morning on the EB. Waited for the fog to almost burn off and went fishing. Got a Rainbow to eat my caddis (after first refusing an olive) right off the bat. In the next two plus hours I got four refusals and another 'bow to eat. It was a drop dead gorgeous morning but the fishing was dreadful.

Came back to the "Lordville Estate" and worked on crossword puzzles until almost five (may have shut my eyes for a minute or two). After the less than scintillating morning, I picked a spot on the BR and was  fishing by 5:30. There were no bugs, a fierce glare on the water, a southerly breeze blowing upstream and thankfully, a few fish willing to look at my flies. Landed a nice 17 inch 'bow early and then suffered through refusals until almost dark when there was a brief flurry of fishing. Was able to get half a dozen fish (all but one were 11 inch 'bows) to eat, but perhaps because I tried to land them a bit too quickly, most came unstuck. Nevertheless it was both exciting and fun.

The weather is supposed to go to hell starting tomorrow and once again I'll be faced with the dilemma of whether to fish the pseudo hatch or go home and sit in a tree. It isn't easy being me!    


  • Dennis 2: October 06, 2023

    A119, Given the time of year and dearth of bugs, you had a decent day. I know you are strictly a dry fly guy, but wondered about just what it is the fish taking just subsurface. I (and I think most of us) have been pretty much baffled as to what the fish are taking, especially when there are no or few bugs on the surface or in the air as is often the case, yet the activity just inches down indicates there must be lots of something.

  • Ed Smith: October 06, 2023

    Angler119- Glad to hear you got out yesterday and landed a 17” and had some fun . I was on the BK and the Willow yesterday. Beautiful day and warm(75) . The fishing was slow i.e. no bugs, no fish for most of the day . Got a lot of casting practice. A decent number tan caddis around 5:30/6:00, managed to land 6 browns , one about 14” the others in the 11” range.. It was a gorgeous day to be on the water. Ed

  • Dennis: October 06, 2023

    I was in the middleWB on Wednesday and had 2refusals. There were hardly any bugs and all the fish that I saw were swirling Sub surface. I haven’t given up fishing yet!! I was in the deer stand a couple days and did see a bunch of deer over my food plot. I passed on a good looking 2 1/2 year old 8 pt. I hope I don’t regret that.
    A119 how long will the iso,s be around and do you blind cast caddis when there is none on the water and only flying around.

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