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Posted on August 13 2015

Gave the upper EB Tricos a whirl again this morning.  Will wait 'til
next week to try it again ('nuf said).

In the afternoon I stopped at Joe Foster's (a long time Troutfitter
friend) place up from Hale Eddy and had a nice chat with Joe.  Left to
go fishing and saw rising trout all along the river upstream from his
house. Went back to Joe's to save him from cutting the lawn. It didn't
take much arm twisting to get him to don waders and go fishing.

 Walked a long way upstream without catching a fish, then saw some
splashy rises in a riff.  Put on an iso and for half an hour they ate
it - then - they wouldn't even look at it. Not to worry, with the sun
going behind the hills the sulfurs appeared in good numbers and the
trout responded. Some of them might have even gotten a little careless
and eaten the wrong fly.


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