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Just a dream, just a dream.

Posted on June 02 2020

Was it all just a dream?  The last two days there were bugs (the big ones) everywhere. Today almost nothing.  Saw some olives, sulfurs, a few golden stones and a handful of gray foxes.  There seemed to be enough spinners late to get the fish up but apparently they are protesting fisherman brutality and refused to eat.

There were over twenty five trailers at Buckingham, some to be shuttled to Long Eddy, some for fishermen who planned on taking out there.  It's a big river system and one would think bugs had to hatch somewhere.  Called Dave at the Troutfitter in Deposit and he said people were coming in to ask him what happened to the caddis.  Just strange.

Saw two does with single fawns. One was on an island in the big river.  The other was standing in the middle of the road from Lordville to Equinunk (in the running for the poorest maintained and most dangerous road in America award).  The doe jumped the guard rail leaving the fawn alone in the road.  The fawn couldn't jump over the guard rail and couldn't figure out how to get under it.  It trotted along in front of me for about 100 yards before the space under the guard rail widened enough for it to go under.  Had my flashers on and a car coming at me stopped and watched the show. The driver tooted and waived as the fawn ran over to mom.

The fishing?  Who knows what happened today.  Caught some fish but had to work for every one. Saw no big bug spinners so they are yet to come.  Judging by yesterday's lack of bugs at Harvard  and the total lack of cars at Long Flat the big bugs are not even started there.  The lack of any big bug spinners on the water also seems to indicate that the hatch has only just begun.

Does anyone know, without using the computer, who sang "Just a dream, just a dream.  Ersel Hickey was my guess.

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  • Ed Smith: June 03, 2020

    I think it was Jimmy Clanton back in the 50’s who sang that song. It’s an old one but so am I . Thanks for doing your reports. They are always informative and entertaining. Stay safe . Ed Smith

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