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Posted on September 13 2017

When I was filling the bird feeder with sunflower seed, I almost took down the half full hummingbird feeder.  Saw one hummingbird last week but I haven't seen one at the feeder this week.  Left it up in case a traveler stops for a fill up on his/her way to mexico.  It seems like only yesterday the first arrivals staked out their claim to the feeder back in early May.

Driving along the river today, couldn't help but notice that the roadside sumac's leaves have started turning scarlet red. The leaves on the top branches of the soft maples are also turning a brilliant red. The roadside fields are yellow with goldenrod bloom. The fall asters haven't put in an appearance yet and only a few of the less healthy hard maples have started to turn orange but the message is clear - fall is on the way.

Split time today between the Beaverkill and the UEB.  Found ants and olives on both rivers and landed the same number of fish on each river.  The fish in the Beaverkill are leaner than those in the EB where the cold water and bug hatches made life easier during July and August.

The dry fly fishing continues to be very very good.  I did share a pool with two landowner/fishermen (couldn't see them from the road) but otherwise the streams remained relatively free of both boats and anglers.  If size matters, go to the Salmon River.  If you enjoy solitude, good bug hatches, rising fish and the colors of fall, come on down.

A long lean rainbow of 18 inches from the Beaverkill literally nosed out a  chunky 17.5 inch brown from the EB for fish of the day.


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