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Just an any old kind of day.

Posted on August 15 2019

Last night I got back to the car at 9:05. The night was clear, I was on the Big River facing the western sky and there was a full moon just coming up over the hill. Tonight I was fishing into steep bank that blocked the sky, it was overcast and the moon hadn't risen yet. I was heading back to camp at 8:25. Its mid August and the days are getting shorter by 2.5 minutes per day. I don't like it, but it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Fished the BR this morning with good water temps and expectations of big things. Life is full of great expectations and sometimes no bugs or rising fish. Never saw a bug hatch or a fish rise.

This evening, with dire predictions of severe thunderstorms and 1 to 2 inches of rain in the forecast, I kept close to the car. Went to the UE and steered clear of the fish that beat me up earlier this week. Found rising fish in an empty pool (a guy had just quit after leaving a fly and tippit in a fish) and got some to eat until they backed off downstream where they couldn't be reached (by me). Was walking out in the gloom when I walked into an angler coming in to try to catch the "big one" that broke him off last night. There are no secret spots on the Delaware River System. That said, the first fish that ate my fly was a beautifully colored 18 inch brown (with no hooks in his mouth) anyone would be proud to call fish of the day.


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