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Just an any old kind of day.

Posted on August 06 2020

 After a good 8 hours of fishing yesterday I slept until 8:00 this morning. With the late start I had to delete something from the schedule so I left the cover on the paint can.  Drove along the river on the back side from Hale Eddy up to Deposit. Didn't see sulfurs or rising fish until the big pool below the town bridge. Seemed like the hatch was just starting so I kept on driving and ended up at the red barn.  There were four anglers nicely spaced in the pool with good bugs and rising fish.

Parked, paid my $5.00, chatted with a TFR who ended up not fishing and then joined what turned out to be two more TFRs and two elderly gentlemen in the pool. The entire time I was there (about three hours) there were  fish to throw at.  Many of them would come up and look at your fly, very few ate it. That said, everyone caught fish.

Jean was at the camp when I got back at about 3:30.  She had driven down to have lunch with a Florida friend that lives in Honesdale during the summer. We had our cocktail hour on the back porch and were entertained by an array of deer looking for apples under the apple tree that shades the porch.  An immature bald eagle lit in a tree across the river and the male blue bird lit in the apple tree with two youngsters from the second brood. Picked up four ears of corn from Schaffer's stand on the way back from the red barn and we had them with dinner.

Jean stayed at camp and kept the deer company while I drove up to the UE.  Wanted to try it after the rise in water from the Hurricane. The water still had a little color but was at a good level for wading. There were hardly any bugs but the fish that did rise were for the most part, eager to eat an olive.

Didn't set the world on fire today and lost the two best fish I hooked but shared rising fish with a group of congenial fishermen at the red barn this afternoon and enjoyed a  couple hours on the EB with just  the fish and a beaver who slapped the water to let me know when it was time to go home.

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  • Jeff Hoone: August 07, 2020

    I enjoyed our brief chat at the $5 pool today. I was happy to mention the great work that Rick and Dave are doing with the Troutfitter shops in Syracuse and Deposit and I wish them all the best. I live in Syracuse and have a place in Cooks Falls so I am here often. As we discussed we are very lucky to have such great water to fish so close to home and we all have a responsibility to keep it that way for everyone. So thanks for your wisdom and dedication to give us the 411 on the fishing conditions every day and I look forward to seeing you again on the river.

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