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Just because you have the right - doesn't make it right!

Posted on May 31 2018

It was another one of those "perfect days for fishing", overcast with a light mist falling. An olive kind of day.  This is the third one I've fished this spring and if there are any more on the way I'd like to save them up for July or August when they might do some good.  Didn't get skunked but didn't throw at a rising fish all day.
There were none of the sun loving caddis.  There were no Hendricksons below Hale  Eddy.  The few spinners on the water early went untouched.  The only risers I saw were above Hale Eddy right where they were yesterday.  Four boats and two wade fishermen had'em covered.

What I did see were boat trailers parked at Oxbow Campground near Harvard and two drift boats actually floating the Upper East Branch with the flow at less than 250 CFS!  Floating the UEB at this level shows total disregard for your fellow anglers who are trying to enjoy the sport by fishing for trout  under the most challenging conditions.  Banging down through riffs that are less than a foot deep sends every trout fleeing into deep water and ends any hope of the fisherman's success.   Ethical guides move to other sections of the system when the UEB flow goes below 700 CFS. 

Camped out on the BR for the two hours before dark  hoping,  - -  - alas, it didn't happen.  But there were hundreds of dragonflies clinging to the streamside grass.  They hatch shortly before everything else does and fly around like fighter planes chopping the hapless mayflies to pieces. There were also some iso husks on the rocks near the shore on the BE and the Ragged Robin is in full bloom along the shoulders of route 17. 


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