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Just say "NO" to the Sulfur Zone.

Posted on July 26 2019

Played a triple header today. Early morning on the BR where Tricos were no shows and the olives made only a token appearance. Fish were looking up and most risers gave my fly at least a look. Early afternoon on the UE was indeed sulfur time. Good hatch, bright sun and clear water made for fussy fish. Late evening found me on the middle section of the WB. The fish there are relatively well rested but have completed their doctoral program. Got refusals by spinner sipping fish in the dark.

The fishing? For me remains good. Today, not counting yearlings (now about 9 inches long), I averaged a couple fish per hour. You are not going to do that standing in line at one of the sulfur hot spots. Most of the river system is not getting fished and you need to go where the fish are less pressured. The fish are as much of a challenge as you could ever want but you have the room to move from fish to fish instead of standing in one spot casting to a fish or two that know you are there and exactly which fly is the one with a hook in it.

If you are fishing this weekend check water temps. The WB is fine but the lower part of the UE may well be too warm if the day is bright and sunny. By all means, if you want to catch fish - try someplace new. Look for tricos in the early morning on the UE below Shinhopple or on the BR at Junction pool. Take in the Hancock Field Days during the middle of the day and throw sulfur spinners until there is no light in the western sky. You might also hope for clouds and rain on Sunday.


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