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Just wish the bugs came earlier and the sun set later.

Posted on August 29 2021

 Finished up some yardwork about 11:30 and gave consideration to driving home to pick up another load of  basement trash. Decided to wait until tomorrow as the transfer station will be open and I can go there directly. That momentous decision out of the way, I ate lunch and fell asleep trying (unsuccessfully) to do the Friday NYT crossword puzzle.

With current water levels and temps unfavorable for early morning and mid afternoon fishing I have not been going out until about 4:00 and not fishing 'til there are both bugs and rising fish. Today on the UEB there were bugs and rising fish about 4:30. Unfortunately (for me) there were also other fishermen in the pools I had hoped to fish. Stopped to watch one angler with what looked like a good fish on. Drove up to the Corbett Bridge only to find that it is closed "until further notice". Thought of the times I've been standing under the bridge casting at rising fish while the Matson farm trucks, full of harvested crops rumbled by overhead. Did a U-turn at the bridge and headed back downstream until I found a couple of empty pools One always decent and one very good in high (1,000 cfs) water. Decided to fish them both.

The fishing - If you like to cast dries at rising fish it was good. If you just want to slop hogs, it was still good. If you were looking to get into a bunch of 13 - 16 inch quality fish, not so good. Hooked and landed a big heavy 19 inch brown that clearly was not born and raised in Delaware County. Then fished  over two hours without landing a fish over ten inches. About 7:30 some better fish started to rise. Got a fat heavy 18.5 inch rainbow, born and raised in the Delaware  River system, to eat my olive. In the time it took to land the 'bow things went from good fish rising everywhere to just one riser. Fortunately he (a 14 inch brown) ate. Three quality fish, lots of one and two year old's all in a beautiful setting with no one else around. 


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