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Killin' time, is killin' me.

Posted on August 22 2018

The water temps throughout the system are now ok for trout fishing.

Why?  All right, I'm only guessing but the ratio of bottom release to spill is improving daily.  Another factor is the wind that has blown the past two days.  This has probably mixed some of the hot surface water in the reservoirs with cooler water lying just below the surface.  Temps are now in the sixties and the trout are back in a reasonably comfortable zone.

The bugs?  I'm not there, which alone says something, but the warm water will surely shut off mid day activity in the sulfur zone  (probably for the year). Any hatching at current water temps will most likely be restricted to an hour before dark.  There is a possibility of  a trico hatch or and ant flight but I doubt the trout will come up through current water levels to feed on them.

Wading? At current levels - out of the question.  The BK was getting close and then shot up again with today's rain.

Drift boater's it's your time to shine,  throw those streamers up against the bank and strip, strip, strip.  Not sure with a spill this time of the year but there may well be some washovers that will be happy to eat big streamers.  Have at it and good luck.

What am I doing?  I've stopped in at the Troutfitter to kill time (people are starting to come in and pick up flies and gear for the salmon/steelhead season), put out trail cams to check on the local deer population and ordered a pair of felt bottomed wading stilts from Amazon (two day delivery).  As soon as I get the hang of 'em I'll be back down on the river.



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