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Leaky dam and high water bring bugs

Posted on July 17 2015

After seeing yesterdays bug bonanza on the upper EB there was no
mystery in which stream I would fish today. I was at the river at 2:30
ready for the fun to begin.

 The first olives, sulfurs and isos were on the water by 3:00 and an
ever increasing number of sulfurs and isos followed.  The sun must
have affected the olives as their numbers were much below that of

The fish?  Never showed.  Apparently they were counting on eating
olives or they forgot to bring sunglasses as the sun shone brightly on
a cloudless sky.

By 4:30 I was on my way to the WB to see what the big release had done
for the fishing. When I got there the water was covered with bugs,
mostly small sulfurs, and the  fish were up and feeding. Hooked 6
fish, landed two nice rainbows and lost two more within ten feet of
the net.  The other two took off into the current and were last seen
heading for the Delaware water gap.  It's not easy to land fish in
three feet of heavy water.

The fish and bugs are happy in 1,700 cfs.  At that level, however,
only a few places are able to be waded and even in those places
extreme caution is required. Wade safely!  A wading staff and an
inflatable life preserver are both good items to use in high water.


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