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Learned My Lesson Last Thursday.

Posted on August 08 2023

Left home this morning with what looked like a good chance for a days fishing. Yes, Oquaga was up and muddy but the WB upstream was in good shape and the east side (EB & BK) was seemingly unaffected by last nights rain. Stopped at the Troutfitter and Dave said there was another Tornado watch until 11:00pm with severe thunderstorms scheduled for about 5:00. 

Drove around up in the "Sulfur Zone" at about 2:30 and the place was deserted. One car at the Red Barn and two more in the Stilesville lot. There were sulfurs hatching above the Stilesville lot but I saw no fish rising. Three anglers were busy casting in the Red Barn pool but I never saw a rise there either. Drove down to the Men's Club where the water was high and stained, not a sole in sight. Walked out on the town bridge in Deposit and saw several risers, suited up and spent two hours casting at rising fish. Surprisingly, I hooked six, five of which were nice fish. Of course I landed the 11 inch hatchery fish, lost four of the other five, but did manage to land a nice 17 inch brown. Rose a couple more good ones who both said no.

At 5:00, as predicted, it started to get dark and the thunder began to rumble. Had no hesitation reeling it in and heading for the car. Drove down to Lordville in intermittent sprinkles and then sat by the window and watched an impressive two hour lightning display. The storm was supposed to hit Equinunk (just across the river from Lordville) with 60 mph winds. A lightning bolt looked like it came down in the river, it rained hard but thankfully we didn't get the wind. It's 8:15 as I write, and the thunder is off in the distance. Hopefully we're done for the night! Oquaga is at 1,000 cfs of roiling mud which means both the WB and BR will be high and muddy tomorrow. At present the UEB and BK remain fishable. Check the gages in the morning before making any plans to head for the river.   

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  • Dennis: August 08, 2023

    Sounds like a good night!!! Congrats!! The info is always good and welcome.

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