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Posted on August 09 2021

It's 10:00 pm, and I've just finished mixing my perfect Manhattan.  It's over 80 in the Lordville Estate but I don't dare open the sliding door to let in cooler air until the lights are off. Sometimes at night I'll turn on the outside flood lights and sit on the porch watching the insects circle the lights.  Last Friday there was the most incredible swarm of midges around the lights I've ever seen, no way do I want them flying through the open door towards a light in the house.

Finished all items on the Monday morning "to do" list and was on the road by 9:45.  Arrived in Deposit in time to talk with Dave at the Troutfitter before heading out to fish.  He said the weekend guests found the fish challenging.  There were sulfurs, bright sun and a sneaky little draft that added a degree of difficulty to fly presentation.

Today - Drove up to Stilesville on Route 8 and then drove along the river back to Deposit.  You people do not need my help, you all know where to go.  At 12:00 noon there was a line of fishermen from Cold Springs Brook all the way down to the Butler Brook sluiceway. There was not one driftboat to be seen. 

When I drove over the town bridge there were two fishermen below and no one above. Suited up and waded in above the bridge.  Some years the pool above the bridge enjoys the status of being an "A" pool.  Not this year. Too be sure it's been fished, guide boats who arrived too late to get a better spot anchor there but if Mike, the retired State Trooper, isn't fishing there, you know it's not an "A" pool. When you are the only one fishing there it doesn't matter what it's current ranking is, the solitude is (to me anyway), priceless.

The fishing - Sulfurs started promptly at noon and went good for about an hour and a half.  Thereafter the sulfurs and fish both slowed down.  You had to look for risers but some of the fish were still hungry and were willing to take a chance on the duns.  By 3:30 it was over and I headed for the LVE.  

About 6:45 I headed up river again. Saw no one fishing the BR and but one fisherman below Hale Eddy on the WB.  Decided to try a run below the barking dog takeout. From 7:15 until near dark I had fish sipping little stuff right in front of me. Almost no sulfurs and but a few olives were on the water.  Got at least 8 refusals and not one take. At dark, with my tail between my legs, I reeled it in and headed for the car.  On the way out I saw fish rising at the top of a riff, dinks I said as I made my first cast. In about half an hour of fishing in almost total darkness I hooked and landed three nice fish (one an 18 inch brown).  Would probably have done even better if I'd known enough to put on a sulfur spinner! 

Just to be sure you are aware, for the rest of this week the freestones (BR, BK and BE) will be over 70 degrees and should not be fished. Head for where you all fished today, it's where the action is.  


  • Jim N: August 12, 2021

    So can you explain what they are sipping and what could be tied to mimic it? Cast at sippers for quite some time the past few days.

  • Ed Smith: August 10, 2021

    Glad to hear you had some good fishing. Sounds like the sulpher hatch is still not that strong:/ long in duration. Still haven’t made it up to Deposit (grandkids)but hope to be there next week . Question-How do you access the pool above the town bridge? Oh and thanks for the Freddy Cannon reference

  • Dennis: August 10, 2021

    Stopped and talked to Dave at troutfitters and my friend purchased a vest. Headed to red barn. Fishing was good. Fair amount of bugs and fish eating. Lost two caught one and had 4 refusals
    I am looking at new wadding boots. Simms ultra light Would you please tell me the advantages of studed boots vs felt bottoms.

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