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Lightning bugs out shine the fishing.

Posted on June 12 2017

With the heat turned up again today I fished early.  Was on the river by 7:00 with mist on the water and the slurp of rising trout in the air.  The spinner fall didn't amount to much.  Either they all fell the night before or the hatch is waning.  Actually did better than yesterday as there were more fish feeding where I fished today than yesterday. Quit about noon.

Didn't go out again until 7:00.  With today's heat I could have waited even longer. In fact I could have waited until tomorrow.  Caught two fish that went 16 inches.  The brown was 9 and the rainbow 7.  'Nuf said.

Oh, sat out on the porch tonight to watch the lightning bugs.  The heat must charge up their batteries as they were lighting up the yard like fans at a concert.  The toads were also in full voice for the third time this year (each hot spell). Have never known them to make so many false starts.  For their sake I hope tonight's the night.


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