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Love low water, bugs and rising fish.

Posted on June 10 2018

Have been on a Sunday  through Thursday schedule for the past three weeks.  The boats aren't as numerous on Sunday as Friday but there seem to be wade fishermen everywhere.  Arrived late morning and took time to tour the river system.  The water at present is too low to float anywhere but the WB and the BR.  Saw boats and wade fishermen on the BR midday with rising fish in all the big pools.  Didn't see rising fish anywhere else until 5:00.

The UEB (above the Sunoco station in East Branch) is at summer levels and very clear.  At about 4:00 pm  there was one car at powerline and three at Long Flat.  Maybe everyone came late for the drakes - or - the drakes aren't going there yet.  Didn't stay to find out.

The WB had its share of boats and wade anglers but not enough to discourage one from fishing.  What kept me driving was the lack of bugs and risers.  Fishermen sitting in a drift boat either being rowed or at anchor is not a good sign.

The BR looked promising early afternoon, there were boats heading down from Buckingham as well as trailers in the lot waiting for late night arrivals.  At Stockport  the roadside was bumper to bumper with trailers and wade fishermen's cars. Kinda decided to try the BR late below a takeout.

Had some modest success on the BE last week and after driving all over, decided to try it for an hour or two before heading to the BR.  Got to the BE about 5:00 and I left at 9:30.  There were splashy risers when I got there and sippers when I left.  Every cast was at a rising fish. Some ate, some didn't.  Landed some, lost some.  It was mostly a small fish (10/14 inches) kind of day.  At dark, however, some good ones got going.  A 19 inch brown "nosed out" a 18.5 inch 'bow for fish of the day.

The fish aren't easy but I've never seen the fishing any better than it is right now! 


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