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Posted on June 03 2018

The fishing was, dreadful, there was just  no other way to describe it.  All the signs were there, thousands of golden stones on the grass along the lower BE, iso husks on both the BE and BK streamside rocks, a gray overcast fishy kind of day and - -  - nothing - - - just nothing.

From 1:30 until 5:30 I fished three pools on the lower Beaverkill and two pools on the BE.  I rose three fish, caught one 9 inched stocked trout, was refused by two other fish and saw one isonychia hatch. How bad was it?  It was so bad I went back to the camp (I never do that) and had a sandwich, did a sudoku and a crossword puzzle before donning my waders and heading out (at 6:30) to try the BR.

Arrived to find the dreaded black caddis fluttering about everywhere. Also on the water, however,  were gay fox duns, not a huge hatch but enough to get the fish up and eating.  There were also some isos and a few sulfurs.  Got refused by several fish as I changed flies trying to find one they liked.  Finally, either they started eating everything or a gray fox pattern with a trailing shuck was to their liking and it was game on.

Was into fish nonstop for about two hours.  The fish were two and three year old rainbows (13 - 17 inches) with clean (no hook marks) mouths and were all into the backing on the first run.  When you're busy running downstream after fish with your backing leaving the spool at an alarming rate, getting hooks out of fish, trying to get "the only fly they'll eat"  ready to float again and locating the next riser, time flies by.  It was dark before I knew it.  Two hours of what everyone fishes for and there wasn't a boat or even another fisherman in sight.

Fish so much people have told me "It's like you have a job".


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