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Making love out of nothing at all.

Posted on August 01 2019

With yesterday being cloudy and the nighttime temps dropping into the low 60's the upper BR was once again available for early morning fishing. Last weeks morning fishing was very good and I was looking forward to taking up where I left off.

The bugs? - There weren't any (actually I saw zero tricos and three olives).

Risers? Saw a total of four, all to far away to cast to.

The fishing? Sometimes you have to just put on a fly and "blind" cast. A friend said "It isn't blind casting, it's prospecting". I say it's nymph fishing on top. Whatever you want to call it, I did it for two hours. Rose six fish. Two said no thanks. Four nice rainbows ate and I landed them all. The best one was an 18 incher. Two fish an hour on a bright sunny morning when there no bugs is like making ----

Didn't go out again until 5:00. Should have waited another three hours. Fished a big slow pool on the UE where there were a few fish casually sipping the odd sulfur, olive, caddis, spinner or whatever else came there way. Hooked a nice fish on the shady side of the river right away and should have reeled in and driven back to camp. Never had another fish even refuse a fly until about 8:45 when they were eating sulfur spinners.

Bright sunny days are tough but the fish are there, looking for food and every once in a while you can fool one.


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