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Mamma said "There'd be days like this".

Posted on June 17 2020

This morning was a carbon copy of yesterday, in the forties at dawn, bright blue skies and little to no wind. Picked another riff on the BE and waded in.  There were olive spinners over the water and the fish were already going.  Man were they going but not for spinners. The rises were all splashy and one right after another.  Couldn't see a thing on the water or hatching.  Perhaps fry? Really don't know but they wouldn't give my flies (tried at least a dozen) a look.  The spinners fell and were ignored.  Walked back to the car at noon with my tail between my legs.

Had lunch, mowed the lawn and fell asleep doing the crossword puzzle (no need to tie flies that don't work).

With all but the two branches too warm to fish I left a little early with the intent of driving up the UE  to see if there weren't some fish gulping sulfurs to be found.  To find fish, gulping sulfurs, you need sulfurs.  While there were a few sulfurs (about one every 15 feet),  there were not nearly enough to get the good fish gulping.

The fishing?  In a word tough.  The seemingly endless days of bright sunshine with increasing water temps and decreasing water flows are taking their toll. There is rain in the forecast starting late Friday.  Hopefully the cloud cover and rain will make for a good fishing weekend. The retirees and currently unemployed, however, still have to get through tomorrow and Friday.  It's not always easy being us.


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