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Posted on October 20 2023

Was surprised, in recording todays catch in the log book, that it's been two weeks since I last wet a line. Came down once to mow the lawn and was tempted, but with a good hatch of pseudos on the water there was nary a riser to be seen and I had enough time to drive home and get up in my tree stand which I did, but to no avail. (The preceding verbiage , just might be a run on sentence. I was never too clear on what constituted one, only that Mrs. Haskins always seemed to find one or two of them lurking in every essay I wrote). 

The original plan this week was to drop Jean off at the airport at 5:00am Tuesday morning and drive down to the Lordville Estate in plenty of time for the world famous pseudo hatch. Fortunately (I guess), the eye doctors office was kid enough to call Monday afternoon to remind me of my 3:30 eye exam on Wednesday. The exam went smoothly (still 20/15 corrected in both eyes) and with dilated pupils I had time to climb up into the GD tree stand yet again. Even with owl like eyes I was unable to see a deer. The number of large bucks scraping in front of my stands almost every night is to say the least, impressive. The number in the same place during daylight hours still stands at one five pointer.

Left home this morning after another couple hours spent observing the bird migration from my perch in a Hemlock tree, and arrived at the camp in time for lunch before heading out fishing. In my journey up river I noticed all of the pools in the BR were covered with ripples and that there seemed to be quite a few leaves in the air. No it wasn't blowing 15, more like 5/10 out of the south, but enough to make casting at fish sipping pseudos in a still water pool an unpleasant prospect. So, I gambled and picked a riff/run in the lower WB hoping for a few isos or maybe some good sized olives that would make the presentation problem less onerous. Never saw a good sized olive but the isos (quite a few actually) and the pseudos showed up and the fish decided they would rather eat one iso than a dozen pseudos. Got ignored a lot, refused quite a bit, but enough fish ate my offerings to make it a surprisingly delightful day (two and a half hours actually) on the river. All but the one 17 inch rainbow, were 1.5 and 2.5 year old fish ranging in size from 10 to 15 inches that were equally divided, half browns and half rainbows. At 4:30 everything stopped, I reeled it in, got in the car, drove back to the camp, and had time to get the lawn mowed. Didn't miss sitting in the tree stand one bit! 


  • Dennis : October 20, 2023

    Hi Ed thanks!! We had a blast

  • Ed Smith: October 20, 2023

    Dennis -Sounds like you had a great time on the Salmon River. Congratulations. Ed

  • Dennis: October 20, 2023

    Took a break from hunting and drove to Pulaski to fish with Adrian Lasorte. It was a fun filled day. I fished the Douglaston with Addie. I hooked 10 steelhead and one big brown. I landed 4 steelhead and the big Brown. To my surprise there was not a lot of people there and we had all the space we needed and were able to move around the river.
    I hope to get to the WB next week. I’ve been seeing lots of deer and waiting for the one I am after. A119
    It was good to see your reporting again.
    Good luck hunting and if your fishing keep us posted

  • Ed Smith: October 20, 2023

    Angler119-Sounds like you had an interesting and fun day with some nice fish in the net. I’ve recovered from my bout with Covid so I went up to the BK/Willow yesterday. No longer infectious but I still avoided other people. Well the bugs and fish avoided me for most of the day. Did a lot of blindcasting on at a half dozen spots— no bugs/ no fish. I guess around 3:30 a spare olive hatch got some fish feeding and I landed 4 browns between 11” and 14”” on a #20 olive stillborn dun. Then it stopped as quickly as it started. Fished till dark-6:30. A fun day .

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