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Maybe it was the mayo on the ham sandwich ?

Posted on July 30 2020

With my wife coming down late this afternoon it was my plan to take in the afternoon sulfurs and skip the evening hatch.  Was a little off my feed in the morning and decided to pass on today's hatch.

By eleven thirty I was tired of looking at Utube videos and doing crosswords.  Went out and did the painting I had planned for the morning.  By 2:30 I was ready to kick back in the recliner again.

Jean showed up about 4:00 and we spent the evening watching a thunderstorm pass through Lordville.  If it hit Deposit everyone will once again have had to deal with the fog.

Enjoyed a nice steak with fresh corn on the cob and a baked potato for dinner. Expect to play in both games tomorrow.

If anyone wants to report on today's fishing - - - jump in.

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  • Freestone63: July 31, 2020

    Have been trying to get up to the West all week, finally made the 2hr ride yesterday and had a pretty productive day. My favorite spot has limited parking so left home early and arrived around 9, a bit more coffee and a snack and was swinging line by 10.
    There were caddis coming off and the water was pretty clean so rigged up a stimmy and a #16 caddis emerger and hooked 4 and landed 3 before 11 all rainbows, the largest was 16 ½, yes I have a measuring tape on the back of my rod, the Sulphur hatched started off slow but was going good by 12:30, no real steady rising fish but there were targets, hooked 2, landed 1 a nice 17” bow and had a couple of misses, ended the afternoon 5 for 7 and was back at the car by 3:00.
    Took a ride up river and saw several drift boats and a decent number of wade guys in all the likely spots with more guys the closer you got to Stilesville. Stopped at the Troutfitter and had a short conversation with Dave and contemplated my evening plans. I had intended to wait for the evening hatch but the combination of a satisfying afternoon and the 2 hour drive home I decided to call it a day.

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