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Maybe they're tired of the breakfast special

Posted on September 04 2015

Next to summer sulfurs, the tricos are probably the most consistent  hatch on the river. During the month of August if it doesn't rain hard  all night and if the wind isn't blowing a gale, there will be a trico spinner fall when the temperature "approaches" sixty nine degrees and
the fish will be up eating them.

Yesterday they didn't wait for me to arrive. There were a half dozen pods of fish in the pool sipping spinners. Today I was there on time. I watched the numbers of spinners on the water increase until there  was one every six or eight inches.  The fish?  They weren't impressed. At times a pod or two would come up and eat a few.  At other times you couldn't see a rise the entire length of the pool.  Most of the morning single fish were coming up and taking one or two before disappearing again.

If you've been watching the Hale Eddy gauge you will have noticed the many fluctuations in the water level recently.  The River Master is calling for water to meet the minimum flow level at Montague.  Today the release at Stilesville was bumped from five hundred fifty to six
hundred sixty five. Usually an increase of this size throws off both the bugs and trout for a day.  Unfortunately if you don't go you'll never know.

As an SU football fan I'll probably skip the evening fishing to watch the opening game


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