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Posted on July 16 2018

With everything but the WB and the UEB above Shinhopple too hot to fish, I decided to play an away game and drove straight from home to the Neversink.  There have been rumors of summer sulfur hatches "up near the dam" and it was a good time to take a look.  Saw a few (very few) sulfurs and a rise or two before a couple of thunderstorms with brisk winds swept through. I headed for camp.  Best part of the journey? The air conditioner in the car.

Arrived at camp, and got the food and my new bag of Hershey kisses in the refrigerator.  Then spent an hour talking to the marine biologist in charge of the Owyhee River.  The talk was informative (hopefully for both sides) and he has sent me a full report on their work from last year.  They are aware that there is a problem but it is too early in the data collecting process to have any definitive answers.

The camp was a toasty 85 degrees so at 7:30 I headed up the WB to try to cool down my body temp. It was a fools errand.  Walked way upstream from my starting point and with every step the fog got thicker. There were bugs on the water and I heard risers but I couldn't see any of them, nor could I see either of  the shore lines.  Made for an interesting trip back to the car.


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