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Posted on August 12 2020

As I'm sure you all know, the third major rain event in nine days hit the river system about nine last night.  The WB was hardest hit as the water level at Hale Eddy exceeded both of the previous storms.  The BK and EB got off lightly and both would be fishable tomorrow if it wasn't so d--- hot.  The UE was also spared the worst of the rain and was actually at a fishable level with water clarity above Harvard about three feet.  Tried three places on the UE this evening.  It appears everyone is smarter than me as there were no bugs or risers.  Then again, I got to drive around in my air conditioned car instead of sitting in the 80+ degree camp.

The WB was deserted up to the Town bridge in Deposit.  At about 6:30 from there up to Cold Spring Brook there were at least 25 anglers. I saw no bugs or risers but the were all giving it their best shot, hope they all caught a fish or two. 

The outlook - With no rain in the immediate forecast the WB should be in good fishable condition down to Oquaga tomorrow.  Below Oquaga the water will be both somewhat off color and more of a challenge for wade fishermen. If you are going to be in a boat, bring streamers. If you are wading, look first above Oquaga.  The sulfurs have been diminished below Oquaga by the two previous storms and this might be their death knoll.  The UE will be at a good wade level, however, the absence of both  boats and fishermen, however, seems to indicate that what I saw tonight (no bugs or rising fish) is what was seen after the past two rain events.

Nature on the river - Heard a baby eagle squawking for food all the while I fished yesterday morning.  On the way to the car an adult eagle showed up and sat on a limb near the nest. A few minutes later an immature eagle fly up into the nest. Beaver are everywhere in the rivers and deer are everywhere along the road. Stopped a car coming at me when I saw a doe on one side of Lordville road and her fawn on the other (always a dangerous situation).  A quarter of a mile later stopped again for a three and a half foot rattlesnake that was soaking up the heat from the macadam.  We have feral cats in Lordville, a dear lady who passed away recently had a house full of cats,  This Spring I saw a cat leap from under our porch, catch and kill an unsuspecting young squirrel and carry it off.  Last night another cat jumped out of the giant rag weed along Warren Road  and ran ahead of my car carrying a kicking rabbit in it's mouth. I like watching the squirrels and rabbits, wouldn't mind if the coyotes came to town and evened the score.  Mother Nature keeps both predator and prey in balance, it's just sometimes better not to see how she does it.


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  • EdSmith: August 13, 2020

    Tried the Pasture Pool yesterday,no bugs, no fish oh well .Its happened before and it will happen again .The day was still well spent. Met a fellow from NJ and his Irish Setter Barney, a steelhead guide from Syracuse who is an excellent nympher and landed several 16” to 18” fish and a gentleman from Pa and we chatted about fishing philosophy. There definitely is more to fishing than fishing

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