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Meeting new "old friends" is a pleasant way to spend the day.

Posted on August 24 2023

With the meeting of the associate editors of the Angler 119 fishing reports scheduled for 4:oo pm at the Troutfitter Inn, I decided that the sulfur hatch in Deposit would be the best place for the afternoon fishing. Went out on the town bridge at 1:30 and there were both bugs and risers. Suited up and enjoyed about twenty minutes of fishing to rising fish. Spent the next hour and a half blind casting a caddis below barking dog. At three I reeled it in and drove back to the Troutfitter to await the meeting.

Not to lavish too much high praise on mere associate editors, but considering the fishing, the meeting was the high point of the day. We caught more fish sitting under the pavilion than the combined group put into their nets in the afternoon fishing. The meeting adjourned about 6:15 which left me with plenty of time for another a--  kicking , this time on the BR, which was still two or three hundred cfs too high for my liking. The few bugs that hatched didn't come until almost eight and with the heavy overcast, it was dark when I got back to the car at 8:15. The fish of the day was a 15 inch brown that had the misfortune of having my little sulfur stick in the big callus in the corner of his mouth right where all the other hooks he has eaten landed.

A big thanks to those who came to the meeting, its nice to be able to associate faces with the words.

Any meaningful sulfur hatches for the rest of the season will in all probability be up above Deposit. The water beneath the thermocline is used up, and the river is beginning to get a little off color. As the water levels drop it would be wise to concentrate your efforts on the freestone streams.


  • Jim N: August 24, 2023

    As the last associate editor to chime in, I must say those 2 hours with you all was the highlight of my trip. Clearly there is so much for me to learn from all of you and I really hope to get more time “in the office”.

    A119, thanks for the autograph and I’ll work on getting my wife to let me bring bugs into the house. Dennis, great cookies and I promise to not shoot the automatronic deer. Dave, thanks for holding the conference room..great photography…and the gear! Ed and Jim (who needs an initial or nickname), it’s always great talking with you guys….so much for me to learn!

    PS…you all are good luck as I caught 5 browns at Norbord after the meeting on a mixture of sulphurs. We need to meet more often!!’

  • Ed Smith: August 24, 2023

    I concur with Dennis. Great conversation, friendly faces,delicious cookies and drinks and some laughs. Thanks again to Dennis for setting it up and our congenial hosts for providing a wonderful time. To paraphrase-“Sometimes the least important thing about fishing is the fishing “I’m glad we could all get together. Looking forward to the meeting of the associate editors. Fished the Willow on the way home . Landed a 14” brown on a #20 sulpher dun at dark. Thanks again everyone for making it a memorable day.

  • Dennis: August 24, 2023

    The associate editor meeting was a great success!!!! The first time in my life I will say that a meeting was more enjoyable than the fishing!!! Let’s just say I should have stayed on the bench!!!!!! I fished below the trestle and had rising fish all over me and I couldn’t catch one!!!!!!! Frustrated to say the least.
    I did talk with a friend who said he saw some great hatches of ISO’s yesterday below the mens club.
    Great meeting yesterday and thanks to everyone

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