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Monday, coming down.

Posted on June 25 2018

Got enough rain over the weekend to help out the lawn and at least bump up the river levels a little bit.  It helped the BR the most as Lordville at 1300 cfs stayed below 70 while the BE and the BK both hit about 72 today.

Ran into the perpetual traffic jam at the construction project in Binghamton on the way down and opted out by taking I-86 east.  When the GPS settled down and stopped telling me to turn around it routed me back down to 17 just west of Windsor.  Had never been on those roads before so it was an interesting experience.  Took an extra ten minutes (plus another 10 to get to I-86 from I-81 in the traffic).

There were bugs, boats and wade fishermen in the sulfur zone at Deposit.  Took a pass and drove over to the UEB and all the way up rte. 30 to Corbett.  Never saw a parked car, a fisherman, a rise or a bug.  There were good hatches of sulfurs there last week but the complete absence of fishermen following  two days of overcast, drizzly, olive kinda days says the weekend fishing on the UEB was no great shakes and the fishermen found other places to be today.

Turned the car around and was back in Deposit about 4:30 with bugs still hatching, boats anchored every where and a very, few fish rising. Got at the end of a line of fishermen and threw at the same fish (a big one) for about an hour.  The fish ate duns, emergers and anything else he pleased without ever coming close enough to my fly to let me take credit for a refusal.  The line of fishermen never moved but I did.  Drove downstream far enough to get away from the wade fishermen, if not the boats, and did find a few fish rising to a mix of sulfurs, stenos and spinners.  Most of them at least  looked at my fly, some even ate it.


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