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Monday, Monday can't trust that day- - -

Posted on June 08 2020

Monday morning with reduced crowds and cool temps gave me no warning of what was to be.  Delayed my departure until 9:00 to give things a chance to warm up and then headed for the big river.

The bugs must have forgotten to set the alarm and over slept. Nothing on the water or in the air.
It was almost 11:00 when the caddis showed up, the fish remained unimpressed. At about 11:30 the first olive appeared, rubbing the sleep out of its eyes.  At last a few fish stirred.  Saw not more than a dozen rises in a run that two weeks ago was full of fish.  The olives continued to hatch in modest numbers but the fish lost interest. The wind began to blow and this fisherman lost interest too.

Returned to camp, had lunch, mowed the lawn and had a nice chat with a fellow fisherman who spends time in a camp out in the suburbs of Lordville.

About six I headed out again, filled the car with gas and decided to go and say good bye to the Beaverkill until fall. The BK is running below 200 cfs and heats up quickly.  The next two days will send it's fish heading for thermal refuges where hopefully they will be left undisturbed by anglers of all persuasions.

The fishing?  Both the fishing and the fisherman failed to meet expectations by a wide margin. It is no longer awesome (but that can change).

Before you go first check the temps in the BK, BR and BE before fishing there, 70 degrees is a no go. If you are a fisherman with any kind of watercraft, please have the common sense/decency to stay off the Upper East Branch at current levels. You ruin the fishing for everyone you row past. 

If you are going you have options:  Fish one of branches with cold release water. Look for caddis above Deposit in the late morning/ early afternoon.  Look for olives almost anywhere late morning. Look for sulfurs in the cold water early afternoon and late evening. Fish spinners early and late. Look for parking areas filled with cars at 7:00 pm and you may find a green or brown drake spinner fall. 


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