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Monday morning coming down.

Posted on May 22 2017

I fished my way downriver today as I usually do on my return  from the weekend spent at home with my wife.  It was a gray overcast day with scattered showers (some heavy - like the one when I was ready to leave BJ's with a basket of food and no raincoat or umbrella).

The WB had bugs at three.  I saw tiny olives and  small hendricksons.  There were also spinners of various sizes but a dearth of risers.  Two hours of fishing resulted in two refusals,  a blind cast take (that I might have struck a bit too hard on)  and a nice 19 inch rainbow that willingly ate my fly.

On the BEB, I saw march browns and sulfurs, neither in significant enough numbers to get the fish excited.  I rose 6 fish blind casting, getting two refusals and four takes (all from two and three year old fish). During the hour and a half I spent there I saw only one rise that wasn't to my fly.  I saw no boats or other anglers.

The BR continues to be in the doldrums.  I saw no boats, no bugs and no other fishermen.  I did see two risers, both sponsored by the Town of Hancock Chamber of Commerce, one was a fall fish who dutifully ate my fly, swam up  to me and let me unhook him.  The second was a nice 18 inch brown who graciously at my fly.

Because there were no bugs and no risers by 8:00 pm on the BR I drove back to the BEB to see if the sulfurs and fish had gotten it going.  They hadn't!

If you like company the WB is probably the place to be, but that may soon change.

 to me  and let me unhook him.  The second fish was a nice 18 inch brown that graciously ate a cast that was only dragging a little bit.

Because there was nothing hatching on the BR,  I drove back to the BEB just before dark to see if the sulfurs had gotten going.  They hadn't and neither had the fish.

If you don't mind company, the WB  seems to be the place to be right now, but I expect that to change any day.    


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