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Monday morning coming down.

Posted on August 19 2019

Got back to camp at 11:30 this morning. Ride down had pavement still wet from last night's rain and a solid overcast sky. Perhaps olives this afternoon. By the time I finished lunch the sun came out, burned off the clouds and turned it into another very warm day.

Left camp at about 2:00, made a couple of stops in town and then headed up to the UE in search of olives and rising fish. On my first stop I walked down to the river and it was covered with bugs and rising fish (good ones). A thought might just have crossed my mind about just how smart I was to be in the right place at the right time, if I hadn't noticed that they weren't olives but the 11:00 to 1:30 UE sulfur hatch. In the right place for the wrong reason again.

Fished for about three hours, caught four nice trout in about 15 minutes on a strange little fly they couldn't leave alone. Then all of a sudden they could. Spent the rest of the time changing flies and tippet while occasionally fooling a fish. When the hatch waned, I reeled it in and headed for the big river (BR) at Junction Pool.

To my surprise there was no one there. Opted to go upstream (forgetting about last nights rain) and made a fly box soaking crossing to the PA side where I hooked a couple of nice rainbows (landed the smaller one). When the sun set I reached for my clear glasses only to find they were in the car. With the crossing fresh in mind I decided to get the glasses and fish from the NY side. When I got the glasses I decided to go down to the Second Heaven riff. There was nothing in the tailout but I saw a few risers chasing nymphs (isos?) in the riff. Hooked one fish on an iso but was ignored by several others. Walked back to the car with a beautiful orange glow in the western sky and not another person in sight..


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