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Monday morning gave me no warning of what was to be.

Posted on August 06 2018

Arrived in Deposit about 2:00 with the air temp 90 and the river water yellow with sulfurs.  Saw a bunch of splashy rises above the town bridge, parked, donned waders and went fishing.  Shared the pool with a Troutfitter regular and we sure showed 'em - - - every fly in our respective boxes.  The fish were almost all yearlings (now about 9 inches long) and they were chowing down on the sulfur nymphs subsurface.  It wasn't until the latter stages of the hatch that some of the fish started eating duns.  Even then they were tough to fool.

We both fished to one good fish that came to our flies several times but we never quite managed to get a fly with a hook in it in his mouth.  It was entertaining, frustrating, disappointing (that there weren't more large fish) but encouraging (think of all the two year olds next year).

Spent the evening on the middle section of the river.  Went there thinking that the 1,000 CFS of water would get both the bugs and fish going.  It didn't happen.  Perhaps the water was too warm for the bugs to hatch.  Above Oquaga the water was quite cold and there were a plethora of  sulfurs.  Down river with Oquaga and all the other tribs still pouring warm rain water into the river everything seemed to be shut down.

The releases are great right now and probably will be for some time to come.  As the warm water from the tribs decreases and the stream temperature drops the bug activity should pick up and so should the fishing.     


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