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Mowing grass is like watching - - -

Posted on May 20 2019

The storms were sorta hit and miss. Deposit and Walton sure got hit while Lordville and Harvard were barely touched. The Beaverkill spiked but without further precipitation, will be back to where it was by late Tuesday.

Global warming, El Nino or just a long entrenched wet period? Whatever is the cause, we wade fishermen have had enough. The DRC fish of the day pictures of drift boat anglers getting hernias lifting up one monstrous brown after another is tough to take.

Came down hoping to fish but needing to mow the grass. Drove around from 1:00 until 5:00, from Deposit to Corbett, Corbett to Roscoe (on roads I never knew existed), from Roscoe back to Hancock and from Hancock to the lawn mower in Lordville. Saw one fish rise three times (in the seam between the muddy water of the WB and the clear water of the EB at junction pool). Never saw a bug! Didn't see over 10 wade fishermen and a surprisingly few drift boats.

It's not normal for me to not fish when I'm down here. But my back is against the wall. If this keeps up much longer I may have to invest in some streamers, nymphs and those little red and white balls everyone is using. Perhaps I can even hitch a ride in someone drift boat!


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