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My waders are hanging upside down in the garage

Posted on May 01 2016

At 10:00 the temp was sixty on the porch.  Then the clouds rolled in.  When I left to fish the car said it was fifty one - too cold for bugs. With cars filling all pull offs and anglers lined up like slalom gates for boaters, I took myself to a seldom fished pool on the lower Beaverkill.  Saw brown caddis, cornuta, small Hendrickson
duns spinners and yes, March Browns.

The first riser I saw was a good sized rainbow that ate my caddis and took off into my backing where it came unstuck. The second riser ate a March Brown but came unstuck right away.  After that I settled down and moved from rise to rise, hooking and landing five nice fish between fourteen and and seventeen inches.

With no other fish rising I drove around looking at anglers standing around waiting for a fish to rise.  I glassed several pools without seeing bugs or risers.  Tried a spot on the big East and one on the Big D.  Saw a few March Browns in both places but never saw a rise. Was back to camp by six and heading for home before seven.

So why are my waders hanging upside down?  I'm trying to get the skunk out of them!  Those five fish I landed were blunt nosed, warty faced fall fish. I got skunked!.


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