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Never crowd one of your "A" boxes.

Posted on September 04 2019

Fresh from yesterday's ego boosting day I went out at about 9:00 to fish the BR. It never cooled down last night and it was 70 by the time I parked the car. No tricos to be seen. Hooked a nice rainbow right off the bat and two jumps later - gone. No one loses as many first hookup fish as I do - no one. Ended up having a pleasant and productive morning with risers eating my fly and fish eating my blind casts. The fish were not big but the action was steady - until the sun came out from behind the clouds and the fish just plain shut down.

The afternoon was spent looking for my missing sulfur "A" box, last seen at stop two on yesterday's trip. I had foolishly crammed my sulfur "B" box in the same pocket of my vest so that I could show sulfur eaters on the UE some flies their grandparents use to eat. The "A" box was apparently a little miffed and jumped out at the first opportunity. Covered a lot of ground yesterday and I had backtracked all but 10 feet of it when I found the box.

With The wind blowing stiffly, was in no hurry to venture out for the evening fishing. Ran into two friends and spent time talking with each of them. Got on the river as the wind died down and cast an iso at three risers without getting a take. Switched to a spinner and caught a nice rainbow. Lost a fly in a second fish before calling it a night.

The weather forecast is calling for more fall like conditions over the next few days. It should perk up the fish and maybe start them moving back to their home pools. Keep your ants handy and put a couple epherons in your steno box.


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