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Never gave using a Hebe a thought.

Posted on September 21 2023

Today was one for everyone who enjoys nature.  Didn't get up until 7:30 and was out on the porch checking the temp when I heard the noise a hummingbird wings make. She acted like I'd invited her for breakfast, sat right down on the feeder and took a drink, then sat and drank at each of the other three "flowers" on the feeder. When she was done she rested for a couple minutes on a limb of the apple tree and then took off south across the yard climbing as she went to get over the ridge on the other side of the river. Jean and I always leave the feeders up for a few days after the locals leave as somehow, travelers seem to find them and refuel on their long journey south.

Finished breakfast and looked out the sliding glass doors to see two adult does come together and start licking one another's heads and ears. It went on for a good five minutes. My best guess is that they were trying to get rid of ticks or lice that they themselves couldn't reach. Their gentleness, patience and willingness to help one another is a lesson all of us need to learn from.

Gave some thought to yesterday's shellacking. Where I was fishing, the sun set straight down stream and as the temp dropped, the bugs stopped and the fishing was over all within a few minutes. Today I fished a place where the river ran north to south and the sun went behind the western hill long before sunset. At three-thirty when I started, half the river was already in shade. The bugs kept flying and the fish kept rising. 

While on the river mother nature continued to provide me with noteworthy experiences. What appeared to be a yearling bear crossed the river about 100 yards down stream from me. He didn't seem to enjoy the crossing, running and jumping all the way across. About ten minutes later momma crossed in the same place (now about 75 yards below me. She proceeded with a done it before attitude but didn't really waste any time. A little while later an adult bald eagle flew up river while I was fighting a fish. He lit in a tree on the ridge above me and watched until I landed the fish. Didn't give me a thumbs up, just got up and left when the fish was in the net.

The fishing - A promise is a promise. Lets just say that today was quite a bit better, in all respects, than Monday and Tuesday combined.   


  • EdSmith: September 21, 2023

    JimN and Dennis (and Angler119) Sorry to read about the difficult fishing on the WB. Yuck! I’m trying the BK tomorrow and I’ll let you know if it’s any better.Yuck! Ed

  • Jim N: September 21, 2023

    So I will continue the bleak report of the WB that Dennis started. I fished the lower WB down to the junction all day Wednesday.

    Where in the world were the bugs? Saw a few tiny olives, an ISO or two and a few Cahill…but not enough to raise a trouts head.

    If it wasn’t for a 15” brown that rose to a blind cast, and a few fall fish that thought they were trout, I’d have to visit the bench.

    So combining Dennis’ report and mine, I’d recommend avoiding the WB until A119 gives us a positive report.

  • Dennis: September 21, 2023

    I fished the WB last night and it was a mistake. At 3 pm I started at the farmers pool. I saw a couple fish rise and wadded in but they were the only risers I saw for 2hrs. I fished to the flag down stream and then back up only to see 3 risers. I drove up stream and nothing. The bridge down town was void of rising fish. The mens club had a few fish rising so I went out. I was in the middle of a BWO hatch with no fish rising. I fished there from 6:45 to 7:40 to no avail. I had the entire river section from the mens club to the farmers pool with no one else fishing.
    I know why now!!

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