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New approach - - -same results but with a stronger smell

Posted on April 28 2017

Instead of driving around like a maniac all day looking for rising fish I decided to mow the lawn, tie some flies and then drive around like a maniac for half a day looking for fish. I saved a little gas by starting later but I had a part break on the mower - so call it a wash.

It was a bright, sunny and warm day and I'll bet from the cars on the road lots of people snuck out of work early to take advantage of the weather.  Hopefully it was the weather they were trying to take advantage of  and not the fishing.

My travels took me to the BK, UEB, BEB and the WB.  If the Troutfitter would up my wages I could afford a typist who would either type the names of the rivers in full or provide its customers with a list of my acronyms.  (Actually I'm just trying to get even with the computer geeks whose use of acronyms make it impossible for me to fix anything on my computer).

I digress.

 My travels took me to the Bk which was again so crowded that "when possible"  I made an illegal U turn and headed to the BEB.  It was 3:00pm and the Hendricksons were due to start so I took a long (leisurely) walk along the river and saw a few Hendricksons and a lot of apple caddis. Trout did you say?  Not one riser.

Next stop (actually I never stopped), to the UEB where the cut back in the release prompted both boats and anglers to give it a try. The boats (at 3:45 which should have been the peak of the hatch) were all rowing out with anglers sitting down (the angler in the bow of one boat was sipping a cold one). The anglers I saw were either sitting down on the bank or standing motionless in the river.  I saw no one cast at a fish. I glassed the river and never saw a bug.

The WB had six trailers at Balls Eddy and at about 4:00pm I saw three of the boats go by me, anglers sitting, guide rowing. Was at my friend Ray's house above the game lands and never saw a bug hatch or a fish rise.  Ray said the only fish he's seen caught this year was by an eagle.

Never got to the BR but heard from a gentleman who will be fishing in the one bug, that his fishing partner counted thirty boats between junction pool and the Buckingham takeout on Thursday. As I said before, the BR has bugs but at four or five thousand CFS, it's boats only.

How was my day?  Fished from 5:30 'til 8:00.  The water was covered with caddis nymph shucks and both emerging and spent  caddis. I hooked four fish. The two fall fish were no trouble to land.  Both trout got away.  If you inhale deeply, you can probably get a whiff of my skunk.  


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