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No one else was fooled!

Posted on September 29 2015

With all of the weather forecasts calling for substantial rain this week both the DEP and I took action.  DEP cut the WB flow down below 300 cfs and I (with a good many items crossed off my "Honey do"  list at home) headed back down to the river.

It didn't rain.  Not even one drop. As I write this (at 6:45 am), it still hasn't rained.  Everyone else knew it wasn't going to rain or they would have been here.

 On the EB I saw one angler fishing jaws, two cars at long flat, and one at the power line pool. There was  no one on the WB.

The bugs?  They were unimpressed with the cloudy skies and stayed where they were.  The fish on the upper east ate midges and the occasional pseudo that ventured forth.  Like last week most of the fish were small.  It was a fun afternoon (four to seven) but not"exciting".

If the rain ever does show up in the amount predicted it will reinvigorate the river system and hopefully pave the way for some decent fall fishing.


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