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No pot of gold under the rainbows tonight.

Posted on August 11 2021

 An interesting day to be sure. Was greeted this morning by a bat that hopefully entered during the night through the wide open porch slider. Spent the day in the house and was looking for a way out when I got home tonight. It is 85 in here right now (a camp record) and the sliding door is going to be open again tonight. The porch is screened in but there are gaps between the roof and the beams. 

Despite the heat I didn't head out until one. Arrived at the red barn to find two of yesterdays attendees back at it.  There was also a driftboat anchored along the near shore.  Compared to the last two days the place was deserted. Paid the big bucks and waded in.  Shortly after my arrival a gentleman who apparently had reserved a specific spot in the pool came down and started fishing.  His spot must have been right where the driftboat was parked because he stood there casting not 15 feet away. The guide apparently realized his mistake, pulled his anchor and quietly rowed down river. 

The fishing - There were, fishermen (more and more as the day went on), sulfurs, feeding fish, flies refused, fish hooked and even a few fish landed.  I had feeding fish in front of me from arrival to departure but it just isn't my thing. Have fished the pool four times this year and I was the only one in the pool the other three times. If I fish it again it will be during off hours when no one is there. 

Found an empty pool during the "dead period" and actually caught  a few nice fish. About seven I headed down river to catch my four evening rainbows. Well, the first one (a nice 16 inch rainbow ) ate and came quietly to the net. Of the next five, four came unstuck and one broke me off! It was an hour of fast paced action but the 'bows taught me a lesson about taking them for granted.  

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  • Jack M: August 12, 2021

    That many hookups sounds like a good day. When something like that what happened to the guide and his client happens (the 15 foot intrusion), what is your opinion on the proper response?

    Quietly row downstream (the high road) or cast at the same fish as the intruder (the middle road), or fisticuffs (the low road)? Just curious???!!!!

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