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Not all days are diamonds.

Posted on May 08 2019

A beautiful spring day, bright sunshine, cloudless skies, warm temps and a nice breeze, what's not to like?  If you were a fisherman on the Delaware River system, you also had an abundance of bugs (Paraleps, Hendricksons and caddis) hatching all over the river system.  What could be better?

RISING FISH FOR ONE !!!  At least where I was (UE, BK, and WB) the fish weren't having anything to do with the bugs.  From 1:15  until 7:30 I saw exactly 3 rises (none of which even looked at my fly).  Maybe it was the rise in the barometer, the bright sun, the temperature plunge from the increase in the release in the WB, or some new diet the the trout are all on, there were no fish eating flies on top (at least anywhere where I was).

At 7:30, after having tried several places and having driven back and forth from Hancock to Hale Eddy to Corbett, and from Corbett to Peaksville and from Peaksville to Cooks Falls and from Cooks Falls back to Hancock, I had nothing to show for my day.  On my way back to camp, with my tail between my legs and the skunk dancing for joy in the right foot of my boot, I pulled into my new "secret spot" junction pool.

From the car I could see fish rising, quite a few of them.  I could also see the truck of two Troutfitter regulars parked right next to me.  Put my gear on, grabbed my rod and waded in.  Got to throw at fish for over an hour.  As most know, junction pool fish suffer no fools.  Some fish looked and said no.  Some (most ) just ignored my offering.  But I was able to get that pesky skunk out of my boots.

I suspect the two Troutfitter regulars did better than that.


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