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Posted on April 30 2016

Heavy clouds, high temp of 50 degrees, rain late. To cold for the bugs to hatch. No fish rising (they don't do it just for practice) Fishermen everywhere (mostly sitting on rocks). If there is sunshine today it could be great (that double hatch thing again).

A Note on upper East Branch Etiquette.

At yesterdays level of about 150 cfs at Harvard, The Upper East Branch becomes very hard to fish. The slightest disturbance (sending mud downstream, pushing a wake across the pool, even walking along the bank) sends the fish fleeing into deeper water.

We are approaching the peak of the fishing season everyone is entitled to fish. Long Flats and The Power line pool handle numerous anglers. The rest of the Upper East Branch demands anglers spread out to be successful. (it's not like the West branch that has 4x the water)

I drove along the Upper East Branch yesterday and saw three and four cars parked at pull offs where I don't stop if even one car is parked. Anglers were standing almost shoulder to shoulder where riffs enter pools. The chance of success under crowded conditions is very low. Based on what I've see over the last two days, I'm headed for bigger water until the pressure subsides.

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