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Not skunked in October.

Posted on October 03 2016

Arrived at the Beaverkill at 1:15, just in time for the pseudo hatch (they forgot to show). Found a pool with no fishermen and six good fish rising.  Tried to figure out what they were eating but there wasn't anything on the water that the human eye could see. Perhaps they were just practicing but it was exciting - - - until I tried to catch them.   The first one ate and I rose the other five and got several other looks, but never touched a second fish.  Quit after about two hours (it was clear long before then that they were better at what they were doing than I was at what I was trying to do).

Drove up the upper east intent on fishing a low water pool that I have tried to fish two other times lately only to find someone else there first. There was a car at every pool I drove past (except Long Flat and Power Line which are usually the two most heavily fished pools). When I got to "my pool", sure enough, there was a guy up to his elbows right in the middle of it.

Did a u- turn and headed for the big river down by camp. The sun was shining through dark rain clouds and a beautiful double rainbow arced across the river. An eagle splashed into the water and flew up into a tree to eat his catch. The sun reflected off the wings of thousands of may fly spinners (mostly tiny pseudos) hovering above the water.

 The fish?   No where to be seen.  Waded two hundred yards of river without seeing a rise and then stood on the Lordville Bridge with another frustrated angler and tried, in vain, to see a single trout rise upstream or down.

I am one for October (a 16 inch Beaverkill brown) and the way it's been I may not catch number two.


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