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Now it all makes sense

Posted on June 17 2015

Never looked at the gauges  at Stilesville or Downsville yesterday or today.  Yesterday on the EB I had colder water than I expected, bugs, but  no rising fish.  Today I  went to the upper WB  and was again surprised by how cold and high the water was.

There were bugs when I got there and occasional rises from good fish.  In four hours of fishing I rose 10 fish, hooked four and landed three.  When the hatch was waning Coz came down the river in his boat and said how great it was that  the  River Master had  given us more water. And you are expecting to get good advice from me???

At 6:30  I headed down stream and ran right into a sulfur hatch with feeding fish that went 'til dark.  Sometimes it's more important to be lucky than good.

If you can get here while the water is still flowing it's worth the drive.


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