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On a scale of one to ten- - - I give it a three.

Posted on August 29 2016

With bright sun (yet again) I didn't venture out to fish until six PM. I needn't have rushed. There was no one on the river from Lordville to
Stockport (one car there) no trailers or cars at Shehawken, no trailers at Balls Eddy, no cars at either gamelands parking areas and one angler standing on the bridge at Hale Eddy. Up river (where the action is) there was no one in sight above or below the Deposit town bridge, two boats fishing the pool just below Rte.17 and four anglers from there to the men's club.

I saw a couple of rises in a big pool, put on the gear and waded out. From six-thirty until 8:00 I had rising fish, hooked seven and landed five, with a 17 incher being "fish of the day". There were sulfurs (very few) on the water, no olives, ants or isos. A few yellow drakes floated by, uneaten. Either the fish have been hooked on them or they just don't taste very good.

For the hours I have fished the past two weeks my catch rate has been fine, but I am only fishing about two hours a day. If the waters cools, if the rains come, if the fish disburse and fill the unfished areas it should be "game on" again. Until then read some of the rosier reports and come see if they are true.


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