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One and done - - again.

Posted on October 04 2021

It doesn't really matter much what the weather forecast says, if the rivers get anywhere near a safe and potentially productive wading level, you just know it's gonna rain.  Woke up this morning and stepped outside to see if I could hear Humphries Brook roaring. If it's making noise you know you're done.  It wasn't too bad.  Looked up the BK flow and it was in the 800s and the rain had stopped. Maybe, just maybe I could fish the Willow again.  By 11:00 all hope was gone. It got black as the night and the rain came down steady and heavy for hours. At my last look the BK was heading for 3,000cfs and the BR out back is once again brownish orange and a rising. 

Took an hour this morning to tie the last flies of the season.  Had to replace the pseudos that were either left in fish or were rendered useless by the removal of tiny hooks from head shaking mouths. That done I mothballed my feathers and finished cleaning up the fly tying room. Spent the afternoon on the living room.  Every five years or so I turn over and reverse the braided rug that came from my Uncle Paul's camp on the Grasse River up in the Adirondacks. With two people it's easy, alone it's a job. Bottom line, I can finish the camp closedown with a two day stay (need to make sure the kitchen and bathroom floors are dry before turning off the heat).

The fishing - Yesterday rivaled some of the best pseudo fishing I've ever had. The bugs have been hatching with regularity but high turbid water is for the streamer throwing drifters.  I've seen pseudos in December and under the new regulations everything is open year round for catch and release so you never know. Watch the USGS flow levels and the reservoir releases. If things get back down to fall levels bring your pseudos, plenty of warm clothes and see if you can't fool a few.  


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