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One fish can make the trip worth while.

Posted on September 14 2017

It was overcast.  It rained a few times.  The wind didn't blow.  There were ants, tricos, olives, isos, stenos and spinners of all of the above (except for the ants).  It was so warm that the spinners stayed late and finished the job.

The fish?  They knew a good thing when they saw it.  They ate!

Now don't get me wrong.  The fish on the Delaware may eat but they always  do so carefully.  If you keep track, refusals will always out number takes.  And ignores probably out number refusals.  But all day today you had fish to throw to.

After avoiding the WB for several weeks I decided to give it a try.  The water is at a level where floating is difficult (a good thing).  And just maybe the bugs hatches have started up again. And perhaps the fish have gotten a little careless.

The first six fish that came to my fly refused it.  It wasn't  until I was trying to watch a size 18 olive emerger in a heavy riff that I got a fish to eat (so much for careless fish).  My two stops on the WB  were much the same, good action (if you count the refusals) with a few nice fish actually eating the fly.

Took a lunch break, drove around a bit just looking and ended up at Buckingham on the BR where I had a nice chat with an angler with forty years of fly fishing experience. He lives and fishes in New England but gets to the Delaware as often as possible because " there is nothing like it".  He had just finished fishing the riff below the takeout and had caught a nice 18 inch rainbow.  He was well pleased. Our conversation ended when one of the days showers hit and he had to run for his car.

About 4:00 I picked a run on the big river to close out the day.  It was overcast with on and off rain. There were bugs and the fish were up - but fussy.  With the water low on the WB what boats there are are floating the BR.  They do a good job of keeping the fish on their game.

Highlight of the day came late when I saw what appeared to be a good fish rise in the glide at the top of a riff. He was happily eating whatever came his way and saw no reason not to inhale my little olive spinner.  It turned out to be a 21 inch brown, easily the fish of the day.


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