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Only two of us had it figured out

Posted on June 24 2015

Two weeks ago there were over a dozen anglers within sight of where we
were standing. Today, just us two. I didn't know  him, didn't even
know he was there 'til I walked around a stand of knot weed and saw
him sitting on a hummock, staring out at the water.

Both of us were ahead of the curve.  After all it was overcast with
rain forecast  to begin at 2:15pm and they had just bumped up the
release by100cfs  Surely there would be olives and isos with the
colder water, clouds and rain. No doubt the sulfurs would also appear
earlier than yesterday.

It was 5:30pm when we talked.  He hadn't seen a rise, I had seen one.
We were both there before 3:oopm. There were no bugs. It was hot and
humid and it stayed that way until after a good rain shower cooled
things down and started some bugs hatching. Still the fish never
really got going.  My lone fishing companion left with the sun well
above the trees and I headed back downstream towards my car.

When the very modest sulfur hatch petered  out and all hope was lost,
it happened, a big sulfur spinner fall got 'em going on top. There
were fish gulping spinners every where and they weren't  fussy.

Sometimes it's a good thing to have a long walk back to the


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