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Out of sync and out of sorts

Posted on August 19 2015

After three days off for our anniversary weekend I returned to the
river hoping to make up for lost time. It didn't work out that way.
The day started out hot and humid and from a cloudless sky
thunderheads suddenly appeared. The thunderstorms that followed cut
short my attempt to fish on the way down and then kept me pinned in
the camp (without power) 'til after three.

It didn't matter, the WB up river sulfurs didn't amount to much and
the only fish I had to throw at were the nine/ten inchers that seem to
be everywhere and even those were difficult to catch. Tried around
Deposit and again above Hale Eddy with the same results. At about
seven, I reeled in and headed for Junction Pool.  There were three
fishermen upstream and none down so I tried it at the tailout.  Hooked
three fish and avoided a shout out by landing a nice brown and

May again try Tricos in the morning.


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