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Owyhee River fishing trip

Posted on July 12 2015

Blown off the river tonight by a forty mph dust/rain storm, quite a sight.

How has the fishing been?  Very very good.  Last year the best fishing of the day was the trico spinner fall.  With heads up every where gulping spinners.  This year the tricos haven't really gotten going yet and haven't been a factor.  There are a few but the fishing isn't worth getting to the river early for.

I've been arriving most days around eleven at which time the fish in the big pools are feeding on midges. The midges can be tied on an 18 or 20 hook and fished to rising fish. Accurate  casts-have a  real good chance of  a hook up..

By two o'clock it's time to head up river for the pmd hatch which this year has been accompanied by a heavy hatch of very small olives (it's strange to think of olives hatching in hundred degree temperature but they do).  This hatch triggers a heavy feeding spell with every trout on the river gulping dries. The trick is to stay calm and make good casts to the best targets. If a fish looks and doesn't eat, look for the  next fish.

By six o'clock  things have quieted down.  There are still fish rising but they have switched to tiny midges and most won't give outlook at your fly.

 It's time to head back to the motel and the flies for tomorrow.


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